About The Founders

Pastor Patrick Bwire Jaraba was born into a Christian Family. Both his Parents were Christian. Patrick used to go to Church with his parents as a routine. He Did not know Jesus. He thought by going to Church that was enough for him to reach heaven. During this time as other Sinners, he also committed a lot of Sins though was going to church.

When he reached the age of 19 years old, it where he made his own commitment. He accepted Jesus Christ as His Personal Saviour. He had to undergo through various Christian teachings (Catechism) and a year later he was baptized. Patrick is Married and the Lord has blessed them with the with 3 lovely Children.

In 2012 God called him to serve the Lord as a full time Minister. He was ordained to be a Pastor. Since then he has been serving Jesus Christ in Various places. Currently, he is Serving Jesus Christ a Senior Pastor.

In 2019 God called him to help Children in need. He established a Children Ministry, and named it NETHEFOTA. NETHEFOTA stands for: New Trust Help Foundation Tanzania. With God’s help it was registered in early of 2020 as Non-Governmental organization (NGO) with a registration number 00NGO/R/0608

Today, Pastor Patrick is joined by 6 board members together they provide relief to Orphans and Vulnerable Children in Mara Region.