We welcome anyone who wants to help, for a long or even for a short time

Become a volunteer to help
the helpless.

Volunteer Program

At NETHEFOTA, there are always something to help. Here are some ways you can get involved in by Volunteering.

We help the vulnerable get a better life

Become part of a team that seeks to impact lives to the disadvantaged. We welcome everyone to volunteer to change the lives of children, the elderly and the most needy group in the community. You can contact us directly and specify what you intend to offer or are willing to do to impact a life.

If you feel God is calling to help on anything, kindly email us for more details. We will send you an application form for you to fill and send it back to us.

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Give Yourself by

Helping on Writing Project Proposal

Become a Volunteer by

Teaching English to our Children and Bible teachings

Support a Cause by

Office works and Computer training to both: our Children & Our Staffs